In 2016 my family and I moved from Colombia to Arizona. The hardest part about moving to the U.S was the new food. In Colombia fruits, vegetables and healthy restaurants are more accessible than in the U.S. After being here for a couple months, my clothes from Colombia no longer fit me. I realized I had gained 20 lbs in a blink of an eye. I have always had a small body type I guess you could say, I am a short person and I had always been relatively thin so extra 20 lbs on me were very noticeable. Although I didn’t look huge, I knew that I was overweight and I wasn’t comfortable with the way I looked or felt at all. I started researching strict diets and workout routines but I just didn’t want to have to sacrifice all the food I loved or spend hours at the gym when I could be with my family after work instead. I knew I needed to do something about it, I just didn't know what or when to start.


This picture was taken at the end of 2018 before my daughter's wedding. All the weight I had gained was storage in my upper body, including my arms, my breast, my neck, my face and my back. In April of 2019, my friends invited me to lunch to celebrate my birthday. I hadn’t seen them in a while so I was glad to reunite with them. I was very amazed when I saw my friend Marlen, she looked like she had lost a lot of weight and her body looked very toned up. When I asked her about her diet and workout routine she decided to tell me about the kit of the Raiz de Tejocote, that was the only product she was taking she claimed. No strict dieting or hours of exercising every day. 
After seeing how happy she was and how good she looked I decided to research about it. I always like to try things on my own before I recommend my clients a product so I decided to try it. Three months after taking my product every day and following all the instructions, I lost 18 lbs. I had gained my confidence back, I was able to fit into my old clothes after 2 years! This product absolutely changed my life, let me help you change yours too. The best part? No strict dieting, skipping meals or hard workouts. Just take the product and watch the magic happen.

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